Read data from local JSON file - Mendix 6.8.0

Hi, i'm looking for how read data from a local json inside Mendix 6.8.0 . I saw that the right way is to use microflows using the a Call Java Action -> import from mapping. But i found a problem. In order to import the data from a json file, i need to pass a parameters of type System.FileDocument. As the documentation explain, i need to create a Parameter with Datatype "Binary", but it doesn't exist as possibility! Opening a "Parameter" I can choose between : Object List Boolean Date and Time Decimal Enumeration Integer/Long String Float (deprecated) But nothing about "Binary". So, how to import data froma local JSON file?! What is the right procedure? Thanks for your support.
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Why do you need a java action? If you just pass a file document (*.json) into the microflow you can simply import from mapping. Here's an example: