Multiple entities on one form

Suppose I have three entities named AAA, BBB and CCC. There are relationships from AAA to BBB (one to many) and from BBB to CCC (one to many). I want to create a form on which I can edit an AAA object and the list of BBB objects associated with it. So far no problem. But when I select one of the BBB's in the data grid, I want to show the corresponding CCC's with it in a data grid with New, Edit and Delete functionality. I know this can be done by creating multiple popup forms calling each other, but is there any way to do this all in one form (except for the BBBNewEdit and CCCNewEdit popup forms), so the user keeps an overall picture of what he is doing. Any ideas?
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Create a table with three cells.

First cell datagrid with entity AAA

Second cell dataview of AAA but let it stay empty, but let is listen to grid 1. Place datagrid with relation BBB_AAA/BBB inside this dataview.

Third cell dataview of BBB but again empty and let it listen to the second grid. Place inside datagrid with relation CCC_BBB/CCC.

Do not forget to place select buttons.



Thats perfectly possible.

Just add an dataview for BBB in the dataview of AAA which listens to the grid which displays the BBB. In the added dataview put an datagrid with the CCC's.


Insert a dataview below the BBB datagrid and select the entity from the association. You can insert a datagrid CCC within the dataview. Be sure to set the listen property of the dataview on datagrid BBB.