Can I close two forms at once?

Situation: Entity Relation has Contacts (1-n relation) and a 1-1 relation for the primary contact. 'Edit relation' screen has microflow button that opens pop-up with the list of contacts for the relation. Here I can select an existing CP for the primary or make a new one. User actions required when just selecting: select a CP, then close the form. User actions required when creating a new CP: click new, edit CP fields, save(closes), select a CP, then close the form. The last two actions are unneccesary: If I create a new CP, it should automatically be the selected primary CP. How can I 'select and close' automatically in this situation? We tried two close form actions in the 'Save CP' microflow but that won't work ;-)
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No. But you often can avoid those situations by closing the screen before opening a new one. (and, optionally, reopen the first screen when closing the second one)