Is it possible to change objects in a list (create a view) without commiting the changes?

Hi Folks, Is it possible to change values in a datagrid/reference selector only for displaying purposes (meaning that you do not commit this)? I'll explain it with an example: I have a table (entity) in which usage records are listed, like this (start and end columns: datetime) [1] 1-2-2011 12:01 - 3-3-2011 14:15 [2] 3-3-2011 14:15 - 8-3-2011 18:13 [3] 8-3-2011 18:13 - 11-4-2011 12:13 [4] 11-4-2011 12:13 - 19-6-2011 18:17 What I want to display is only the usage of a specific period (in this example lets say March 2011). - I modelled an additional entity (period) with a reference-set to the usage-entity and with xpath constraints I made sure that for March only records [1], [2] and [3] are retrieved/displayed What I however need is - that line [1] is displayed as startdate 1-3-2011 00:00 - that line [2] is displayed "as is" - that line [3] is displayed as 31-3-2011 23:59 as enddate In my retrieve Microflow - I have the period object as parameter - retrieve the needed usage records - and then iterate through them and do a "change object action" if the start or enddate is beyond the requested period - then do a show form action to display the result The problem is that it only works when I set "commit" to true. This is not what I want: the records must stay unchanged. So is indeed what I want not possible? If not: I now only see the solution to create a new entity to which the "changed" records are written. I prefer not to use this (adds extra complexity and unnecesary records in my db) I'd like to hear your comments! Roberto Edit after reply Jan Doggen: If I have a usage record from 1-1-2011 until 1-11-2011 this record, my view must be - 1-1-2011 - 31-1-2011 when I select the period January - 1-2-2011 - 28-2-2011 when I select the period February - 1-3-2011 - 15-4-2011 when I select exactly this period (1-3-2011 until 15-4-2011) These views are all based on 1 single record that must stay "unchanged"
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Roberto, If your periods are fixed (lets say months) I would create an extra attribute containing the month (or maybe 2, month and year, especially if you have a selection for that elsewhere) and whenever a start/enddate changes, update that. I'd even make that a permanent attribute stored in the database (not a microflow atrtribute) because it gives you large possibilities for selecting/reporting later.