Keep form thats opened in content open when opening a popup form from the menu

I have a form open in content that I always want to keep open unless I press close on the form. Situation now is that when the form is open and I navigate via the menu to a microflow that opens a form in popup the content form is closed. Obviously opening another form automatically closes the already open form. Is there a way to always keep that form open?
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Opening a form or microflow from a menu always clears the current form displayed In Content, even if the new object is opened as a pop-up.

The only workaround that may work is to attach a microflow to your menu, and as part of the action, re-open the current form In Content, as well as opening the new form as a pop-up. This may involve creating and maintaining a temporary record to identify which form is currently open In Content. If the form In Content is a data grid, you would also lose any current search selections. Not very elegant I'm afraid.