Dataview listen + data source microflow

The scenario: I have a data grid and a data view listening to that grid. When the page opens I want a record to be selected in the grid so that the data view is not empty. What are the possibilities? Custom widget that will select the first row in the grid, or a custom data view that allows the combination between listen and a micro flow as a data source (have context to listen to, or when empty retrieve an object). What is the best way to do this?
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As far as I have been able to figure out during my attempts to do something similar, this is currently not possible out of the box. You cannot select an item in a data grid on opening, which means that no object will be sent to the listen data view. However since the data view is listening to the grid, you cannot use a data source microflow to fill in the data view on opening either.

So I guess only solution to this is to make some sort of custom widget or mechanic to get the first row in the grid selected on opening of the form.


I think it's best to use a microflow to retrieve the list (the grid) and then to retrieve the first object only, and then to give this object to the data view, which should then display the first object's data.