Need to integrate with MS COM objects

I need to integrate with an application that only provides an MS COM interface. Does anybody have experience with that? I know there is a com4j wrapper, but I am not quite able to get it to work. I'd appreciate any help.
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hmm difficult one. Probably you need to build an extra layer between the COM object and Mendix e.g. a webservice. Example: Mendix cannot directly communicate with MS COM, OCX or DLL. However there are hosted applications e.g. Silverlight 4 to communicate with COM objects.

You can expose a webservice from Mendix to Silverlight and then allow the talking from Silverlight with the COM object.

I have never did such a thing and I don't know the context in what you are trying ultimately but this could be a possible solution to communicate with COM objects. ( I think....)

More practical samples:


This problem is not really Mendix related, I suggest taking a look here