Update menu after changing user role

Maybe this question has been asked before, but I can't find any reference to it on the forum. I have an application that contains a registration/activation procedure. It works by letting users start with an 'Unregistered' role, only allowing to registration entities and forms, and upgrading to a full 'Registered' user role after clicking an activation link in an email (uses anonymous users and the DeepLink module). So, I have a microflow that is triggered using the DeepLink that changes the user role to 'Registered'. In other words, the user is logged in to the application and has his role changed on the fly. However, the navigation menu isn't updated to reflect the new role authorisation. I haven't found a way to accomplish this, other than manually pressing F5 in the browser. Can anyone tell me how to refresh the menu to make the new navigation items visible?
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Use a URL redirector that points to the site itself (to emulate F5)