Multiple editable items in one form

Hi guys, I want to create a form in which you have for instance 5 items which you can fill in seperately, and when you press save you get 5 different items. Also, there should be a button which, when pressed, adds a row in which you can fill in data for another item. These are two things which I can't really figure out. Could someone please help me further?
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Possible solutions (assuming al instances are the same type of objects)

  1. datagrid with inline editing
  2. dataview list
  3. datagrid with listening dataview.

You could try a datagrid with editable columns. Not a real elegant solution though.


please i need to ask one question 
i need to add two different object in one form in my case 
user login to application then apply for card id 
in applying page i need fill form with logging data and take applying data from him