Delete after download - Download not working in IE

Hi all, I have a dataview with a Microflow-button that tries to download a document. Important background is that DeleteAfterDownload is set to true while uploading this file (in a java-action). My problem - Chrome and Firefox download my file correctly - Internet Explorer doesnt (tested with IE 7 and higher) How can I make it work in IE as well? The behavior in IE is like this - the Microflow button is clicked - after that, the information bar is displayed, showing: this message To help protect your security, Internet Explorer blocked this site from downloading files to your computer. Click here for options... When I then "click here" and select "download file" I would expect that IE downloads my file. What actually happens is that I get redirected to the default homepage. The nasty thing is that because of the "DeleteAfterDownload" option, the user is not able to download it again. Anybody suggestions for this?
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Too bad that deleteAfterDownload cannot be safely used, because we need that the fileDocument is deleted asap.

Now I suggested to change the flow:
- generate the fileDocument with my java-action + add an expire-datetime
- download the document, and only allow this if the datetime is not expired

Unfortunately downloading in IE causes problem on my machine (IE 7) at least.

What happens is that I press the "download microflow-button", I get the (previously mentioned) information-bar. When I click "download file" the Mendix-portal refreshes and sends me to my default homepage.

When I retry downloading, this keeps happening.

this topic points to some security settings in IE (this link), but I can't manipulate the system settings (are managed by my system administrator)

Is there a workaround?


I really recommend not to use DeleteAfterDownload, the download will always be reinitialized by IE (and other browsers as well) if blocked for a security message the first time.