Dont understand apply entity accesserror message for microflows

I had project using the LDAP package with StartLDAP as startup microflow. I needed more startup code, so I made a MainStartup microflow that calls StartLDAP then checks if that returns true (and calls a second microflow). I get the error "A microflow/rule that does not apply entity access can only call microflows/rules that also do not apply entity access." on the exclusive split that tests the StartLDAP result variable. What is wrong here?
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StartLDAP checks entity acces (i.e., it checks if the person executing this microflow has access to the entities used)

Since the startup microflow does not check for entity access, it cannot call a microflow that does. Review your project and see if it makes sense to check for entity access and otherwise remove it.


Wait a minute, I smell a contradiction in here ;-)

1) "the startup microflow does not check for entity access" 2) "StartLDAP checks entity acces" 3) StartLDAP can be used as startup microflow

Sorry, I still don't get it. Where do I let my microflow 'check for entity access'?


Whether to use entity access on a microflow can be found under security, next to the allowed roles of the microflow.

What I meant was that your MainStartup microflow (which has a call microflow action calling the StartLDAP right?) has no entity acces defined, while the StartLDAP does, which causes the conflict.

So, check if the LDAP microflow needs the entity access defined and remove it if not, or set entity access on for the MainStartup flow.