filter the items in enumaration for dropdown list

Hi All, I have dropdown list, which shows values from an enumaration. Is it possible to filter some items from enumeration before showing them to drop -down list. If it is possible, how can we achieve that. Thanks Regards, Rajnish Kumar
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It is possible when you move the enumeration attibute to an entity which you associate to your original entity. Now you can use a reference selector (also dropdown). You can fill reference selector from microflow or constrain them with xpath.

Another option to keep your setup.

You could create a new entity(entity B) which als has an attribute with you enumeration. This entity contains a object/record for every enum value.

Associate this entity with your original entity (entity A).

In your 'entity A' form you build a reference selector (to 'entity B') with a xpath expression on it. Create an onchange event on the reference selector and equal the enumeration of entity A to entity B.


Entity Vehicle with attributes Description, WheelAmount and TypeOfVehicle is splitted up in entities vehicle and Vehicletype.

Move the attribute TypeOfVehicle to entity Vehicletype.