iPad Mobile Hybrid - Does Mendix support this? Or intends to support in the future?

My customer demand is a hybrid solution like you see in some phone/mobile apps - work online but be able to work offline as well. Offline work is combined with synchronizing with the base when back online. The reason my customer has this demand is his sales being done on the road and he can't be certain to be online all the time. Does Mendix have hybrid support? I don't think so, but I thought I should ask the Mendix world. Does Mendix intend to have hybrid support in future? Thanks Toon
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Mendix does not have generic support for offline (mobile) client operations. I have heard of at least one partner who has created a custom native mobile application and synchronizes it using webservices. If this is what you want, that sounds like the way to go.


If you install a Mendix server on the client and build the synchronisation within Mendix with Web Services you could accomplish this.

However I don't know if an iPad supports java. Most other mobile's do, but please test it first.