How to get a good overview of the domain model (view/print)?

We want to do a technical review of a domain model, but it has become pretty crowded. I can enlarge the 'canvas' and pull all entities further apart, but that's a lot of work. How do other people do this? Is there an better way? Notes: I know about the the possibility to view/hide Association names and Cross-module associations, but we I want to see everything I have placed a feature request 'Option to view the domain model without attributes'
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Two comments on your question.

  1. When you have a large domain model, you might consider to break it a part in to several modules. Each module representing a certain functionality. With this approach your domainmodel(s) will become smaller and you have a more clear overview. Second, all related forms, microflows etc will be grouped per funcionality, which gives you a better overview of your application as a whole.

  2. There is a need button within the controlbar of the modeler, with one hit on this button he will generate a .png file of the openend document (domain model, form, mf...)