Last Login Displayed to user

I need to display to the user the last time they logged into the system. The easiest way I thought to do this was to use the LastLogin field stored in the user object in the system module. However when i try to use this it only shows a blank textbox. I am not sure whether this is down to security reasons, however i have tried giving the user system.adminstrator role and it still was blank. Has anyone else attempted this before? if so how did you go about it?
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I guess this is down to permissions on the System module, which you can't change. One option is to create a new attribute for LastLogin_date in your Account object (derived from User), and set the value to this field through a microflow from the User record. You can then set whatever permissions you need on this copy field.


I've run into this before but it indeed has come down to security reasons. You may want to check the reference path to that attribute, if account is not your form's main entity then you need to make sure you grant permission over the association. You may want to check and be sure that you've assigned the proper attribute to the box. Also, may seem like a silly question but did you redeploy your application?