Help needed with screen design

These are the relevent parts of my domain model: A resume RES has 0-n associations to knowledge groups (KG), these have 0-n assocs to knowledge items (KI). There are also related base tables BKG and BKI. RES is 0-n associated with BKG as well. [BKG and BKI have attributes name and displayorder, KG has a MF attribute NrItemsSelected, KI has an enum attribute Experience.] I'd like to display in one screen: All BKG For each of those the KI that the user has chosen (out of the possible BKI for that BKG) Additionally: For those KIs he should be able to set his experience level (dropdown with each KI) If the user has no items in a BKG he should be able to jump to a screen where he can choose items from BKG 'not yet chosen earlier'. That seems doable. He should also be able to add more KIs to a group. That also seems doable. Problems that we run across: We can't seem to place dataviews, datagrids or template grids within a template grid A dropdown is not allowed in template grid? We tried making the 'top level' KG instead of BKG, that should be easier, but then we still get stuck ;-( Any ideas on how to approach this? Thanks in advance.
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You should be able to use the Data View List widget from the app store to perform this