Document template styling

I am trying to pimp my document template by adding some color to it. What i would like to achieve is a striping patern in which every 2 rows you get a repeating pattern. To start off I enabled striping, but now that i filled the background color of every single cell, i get a result in which colums that are not filled are also not colored. This seems logical as the cell on its own is not filled so it apears i need to colour the whole row instead. How can i do that? Additionally i see that there are only a few border styles available is there anyway to manipulate them so that i could add the 'double' border style for example?
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There is currently no way to set a style on a table row in the document generator. I recommend filing a feature request.

As for additional styling options, you can simply add CSS yourself in the 'Custom Styles' tab. The other tabs are only a couple of commonly used defaults.


I think you can find your answer here: Advanced tutorial

Look at this part: gridBody

The gridBody holds the different rows with our content from the forms. There are five tableRows we can change to our liking:

tableRow (standard Row style)
tableRowSelected (when a Row is selected/active)
tableRowFocused (differs from Selected)

This gives us the freedom to adjust the different Rows with background colors.