Relationship between two entities

Hi. I have 3 entities: User, Group and RegisteredFor. When a User signs up, there is a form where he introduces his e-mail and password but there must select a group in which he wants to register (for the first time). This user can register also in other groups later. Each registration must be approved by the manager of each group. So, the entity RegisteredFor has a boolean value and keeps the relation between the user and the group. An image of that part of the model is: So then, I want that on the same form where I introduce the data of the user, I can access the groups of the system in a dropdown box but I don't know how to do that. Then with a microflow, I would create the RegisteredFor object and save the relation between the user and the bundle for a future approvement. Any idea or suggestion?
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If I understand correctly you want the form on which the user registers himself to contain a field that allows for the selection of 1 group? The form has a data view based on the UserProf entity? The just create a relation to the groups entity and add a reference selector to be able to select 1 group. If you want to have them selecting multiple groups make sure there is a n:1 relation for the group entity and add a reference selector to the form using this relation.