Fusion charts - Issues with Gantt

Hi, I'm using the Fusion Chart app. I've been trying to set up a Gantt chart based on the tasks in my application. Things went well, except that the order in which categories and processes are shown I do not control. When I render the same information (tasks, dates etc.) a second or third time, I get completely different Gantt's. (see attached picture) The order of the processes is not what I expect (and want) and the order in which the months are placed is completely wrong. And each time different. Does this sound familiar to anyone? What am I doing wrong? Thanks. Toon
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Issue can be fixed by looking at the source xml. The source will be different for the different layouots of the chart. The source XML is stored in the same entity that is used to display the chart. Make the field available on the form and review the xml information to see the differences.