Text too long message does not work?

I set the maximum length of my text area to attribute length and to a value less then a.l. but in both cases the ttl message does not appear. How come? Putting a validation rule in the domain model (on less than attribute length) only gives an error when trying to save. That's too late.
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Did you provide a text to long message on de text area and did you enable 'abort on validation errors' on the (custom?) save button?


I just tried to reproduce the issue in a test project, but it worked with me as expected. I suggest that you create a test project yourself, and submit a bug report if still not working.

Note that you can use the counter message property (for example "{1} of {2}") to show the number of characters remaining at any time.


Had this same question in Mx 9. 

The “text too long message” within the Text Area is now virtually redundant since the Text Area doesn’t allow more characters than those specified in the Domain Model attribute.

The only way to trigger it is if there’s text already stored in the attribute that is longer than the text area allows