Class and style formats, appearance of a dataview

Does anyone know some formats of classes and styles to modifiy an input field in a dataview?
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Here are some basic and easy things you can add to the style tag in your form, all these tags can be added to all widgets that have a style tag, try them out and see what they do.

table: border: 1 px solid red; This draws a thin red line around the cell or table. Off course other colors can be used as well

Input / textarea / dropdown:

  • color:black; or some other color like: red, darkred, orange etc...

All above:

  • background-color: red; Change the background color from the cell or the widget
  • font-style: italic; Show the text italic like this
  • text-decoration: underline; draw a line under the text
  • text-align: right; align the text different: right, left or center
  • font-weight: bold; show everything bold

(Remember to close all css tags with a ; if you don't you will get a real strange layout)