Picture upload - object not saved.

Situation: Entity Employee associated 1-1 with entity Picture inherited from System.Image The Employee_NewEdit form has nested Dataviews, Picture within Employee. The source data for the inner dataview is a microflow: link text Problems: The attributes of the inner object are read-only The default Save button saves the Employee object only and does not close the form Solution?
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Does the empty check for 'Employee = empty' ? Then it makes no sense to set the association on the picture since its still empty because you do not create a new employee. If the employee is not empty there the other branch will be taken, so this MF will never create a useful association.

However if you check if the picture is empty, than it might work as intended.

I suggest creating the picture and the assocation before you open the form, han you can use the assocation as source for the inner dataview instead of a MF