Is the dataviewlist widget only usable for subentities/generalizations?

I would like to use it for 'ordinary' associated entities...
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What is it exactly you want to accomplish? To show objects in the DataViewList constrained over an association, you could set a XPath constraint on the DataViewList.

Let MyFirstModule.A and MyFirstModule.B be entities, associated with association MyFirstModule.A_B. Now if you have a DataView with entity MyFirstModule.A, and you want to display a list of associated objects of entity MyFirstModule.B (over association MyFirstModule.A_B) in that DataView, a DataViewList can be used with XPath constraint


This would work the same as when using a DataGrid or TemplateGrid.


Yes it is usable for referenced entities. Just use the xpath property of the widget to limit the number of entries retrieved. I'm using it to display referenced information on products. Products:productattributes = 1:0