Deeplink trouble

What am I doing wrong? When using deeplinks on the local host (My computer/development), my deeplinks work, however on my production (cloud) environment they don't. I have had the /Link/ path proxied by Mendix, so that shouldn't be the problem I guess? Is there any other setting that needs to be set when switching to the production environment? My take is that it might have something to do with my DeepLink.LoginLocation constant, which I've left empty now. Can anyone help?
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The problem for me was the fact that the "DeepLink.LoginLocation" constant in the modeler shows in the documentation that it can be left empty, and then the default login page would be used. Where this is true for the localhost (development), it isn't true for the production environment, where you have to set the value to ''. Thanks to Bart Luijten (Mendix) today I finally found out. This might have been obvious for some, but not for me.


The only thing that could be different between a local and production deployment, is using a seperate webserver. So the only you have to do, is proxying /link in your webserver.