Is depth of Navigation Tree widget limited?

In the domain model I have MainCategories 1-N Subcategories 1-N Products The objects in my navtree are: MainCategories, no association Subcategories, association SubCategories_MainCategories/MainCategories Products, association Products_SubCategories/SubCategories Issue: I don't see the products in the navtree The DB is properly filled. For testing I added a 4th entity ProductDetails, association ProductDetails_Products/Products, that also does not show (so it's not just the last one that's missing)
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Take a look at this link dojo tester. Select the Tree or Rootless Tree in the accordian control on the left-hand side. This shows that multiple levels are possible in a navigation tree using dojo. I am hoping that this and some other dojo features are more fully implemented in mendix version 3 when it is released.

Also take a look at these enhanced data grids. Vertical and horizontal scrollbars in datagrids, a better way of selecting multiple rows (shift-click, control click or swipe), nested sorting, re-ordering columns etc. ... let's hope...