Fusion Charts - How to print a decent (Gantt) chart?

I've implemented the Fusion Chart Gantt. The only way available to print is not working very well - it's only printing part of the Gantt. Furthermore, the only printing option is to print it or print-to-file. This is due to the fact that this is the Flash version of Fusion Charts. I need an option to just copy the chart (the Gantt in my case) to a document. The use case is making a Word project plan and adding the Gantt to the document. How are other charts copied to a document or is this never done? Is it only used in the tool? The current Gantt is using Flash. On the website of Fusion Charts there is talk about an HTML variant. Would it be possible to implement this variant or is this simply not possible? Why was the choice made to go for the Flash variant?
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As far as I know it is never done. But even when using a HTML variant this will only help you out if you generate the document clientside, since it is not possible to render client side widgets in a reliable way server side. For rendering charts on the server side you do need dedicated tools, such as Jasper reports. One of our partners has a module available for this in the Appstore.