How can I send a generated doc directly to the printer without previewing it?

Hi, I'm trying to find the best way to send a document I have created using a template directly to the printer without previewing it. I'm generating a pdf at the moment. Is there anything available on the modeler I can use to push doc to printer or do I need to use java (if so has anyone done this and able to help). Many thanks. LR.
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AFAIK you can't. You are working in the browser and there is no way the server app can access your printers without your intervention. That would be a security risk.

Somebody else correct me if I'm wrong...


From the client side Jan is right. It would be a security risk. For example a Java applet also would need to be signed before allowing automatic printing. If unsigned the user is asked.

From the server side it should be possible, but then in your Mendix app the printer should be known per user. Maybe this can be retrieved from the active directory via LDAP?