Strange Tab container display in v3

I've started looking at the new version 3 beta and have noticed some UI strangeness. Perhaps it's somewhere in the documentation, but I haven't seen it yet. If a form containing tabbed pages is displayed as a pop-up, there are three horizontal bars above the tab container. This is not visible if the same form is opened In Content. Click here to open v3 UI tab container full size The second the third bars seem to do nothing, but the top bar displays a menu of the tabs when clicked. Unfortunately it shows all, the tabs, even through some of them have visibility currently set to hidden (like Accessories, Software and Reservations tabs in the image above). What is this control meant to do, and can it's visibility in pop-up forms be controlled?
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At the moment it does seem like the client displays conditionally formatted tabs that should not be shown in the tab dropdown.

However, if you click this link in the dropdown nothing should happen, the tab should remain invisible and you shouldn't have to worry about the client exposing unwanted data.