xpath or other approach

Following up on Luis' query ... We have a datagrid, one of the columns is a date. We only want to display rows in the grid where this date is within 4 weeks of today's date. There doesn't seem to be any way of doing this using xpath as there is only a limited subset of date functions. We could do it in a microflow, but that doesn't help with the form display (unless we did something extreme like creating a new entity and copying everything over that matches). Any suggestions ? thanks, Paul
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I think you need to use a microflow to identify the records matching your criteria. Create a temporary entity, with associations to your account entity (so you can link the record to the current user) and a reference set to your main entity (so you can link the results of your search to the temporary entity record).

In your microflow, retrieve or create a temporary entity record linked to the current user. Perform a search of your main entity on the date criteria. Set the reference set association on your temporary entity to the search results. You can then display the temporary entity record in a data view containing a data grid of the search results. Give me a call tomorrow Paul if you need further details or want to see how this works


Any reason why this Xpath constraint would not function?

[Datum >= '[%BeginOfCurrentWeek%]' ]

[Datum <= '[%EndOfCurrentWeek%] + 3 * [%WeekLength%]']