Concurrent users issue after implementing anonymous users

Since we've implemented anonymous users in our portal, we're getting issues with too many concurrent users. During a anonymous login, mendix creates a new user in the database. Problem is that "temporary" users will not be deleted. After a while we're getting an error that there are too many users at the same time. Apparently the session for the anonymous users still exist and this error occurs. Could someone explain how this works?
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I believe this was a bug that has been fixed a long time ago, I suggest moving to a more recent version. If that doesn't fix your issue then please file a ticket.

A session is killed when someone logs out or when the browser hasn't sent a keepalive request in the required time (5 minutes if I remember correctly), so if a lot of people have open browsers with anonymous sessions going on, this could happen. However, once an anonymous session is transformed into a regular session by the user logging in, it should still only count for one session.

You could try turning on persistent sessions and having a look at which sessions are active?


The session should be destroyed as soon as the anonymous user logs out (which probably wont happen) or closes its browsers.

I don't know much about the details, but from the top of my head your license uses separate values for the number of named- and the number of anonymous users which are allowed to 'login' concurrently. So probably your license does not allow for (enough) anonymous concurrent users.