Mendix and Cookies

During normal use by an end user, does the Mendix app at any time place a cookie or any other data onto the user's local system? If so, is it a session or persistent cookie?
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The Mendix app sets two cookies. XASID and XASSESSIONID. The first is used in scenarios with load-balancers. The second is used to identify a unique user session.

The cookies are both session cookies and aren't persistent (there is no Max-Age set for them).


Sessions are (usually, and in the case of Mendix) stored via cookies. Because HTTP is stateless, the server needs some way of uniquely identifying a browser request. Cookies are used for this. In the case of Mendix, via an "XASSESSIONID" cookie.

You can easily view/verify this by checking your browser cookies when you're logged in to a Mendix app.


Currently I also see a Mendix cookie test. Why is it in there and how do you remove it?

Also why does Mendix use a _Ga cookie that is valid for 2 years