TreeGrid problems

I am mucking about with the simpletreegrid widget. There is one review in the appstore, but I could not find anything in the forum nor in the bugreports ?? I have the correct domainmodel and associations, and that part is working OK, even to the point on showing expansion nodes... Problems/questions at the moment is it possible to have an icon in front of the row, depending on the object, or object depth ? I currently have 3 columns defined and each is set to 30, but the widget refuses to show the captions on 2 of teh columns, how to fix that ? Help/input appriciated,I will put up a bugreport when needed.
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Hi Lex,

We also investigated treegrid and found several problems with it. We filed a bug report (#8781). I suggest you do the same, because the bug you found we did not ;-)

Ans no, it is not possible to put an icon in front based on the obejct. You could file a feature request for that.