SQL Error Executing DDL Commands

Error (SQL State: S0001, Error Code: 5074) on executing: ALTER TABLE [audittrail$audittrailsuperclass] ALTER COLUMN [submetaobjectname] nvarchar(200); There is a problem with column 'submetaobjectname' of table 'audittrail$audittrailsuperclass'. The error can occur when changing the type or the length of the value of the database column of an attribute. These errors mostly occur when a column has already data in one or more rows. For example, the length of a string attribute has to be set to 10, but there are already values with a length of 15 in the database or a string attribute has to be changed in a number attribute, which cannot be done automatically. I think I know what the error is but i don't know how to fix it, any suggestions.
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You're trying to set the attribute length smaller than the data in the attribute. So try to find attribute values which are larger than your new attribute length and shorten those manually in your db.