Forced logout - how to show to the user?

I'm using a Java action to force the logout, as specified in this post. However, this is not visible in the browser. The screen stays as it is. Only when the user wants to do something next, the (default) login screen comes up. I thought I'd do a 'show form' after the logout, to force the login screen to appear, but that does not work. The new form appears and only when the user attempts something, it triggers the login prompt. Any ideas?
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I managed to do that this week.

I don't know why deleting the session didn't work, cause that's what I did, but you need something else on the form (client-side) to quickly force the browser to jump ship.

I did this by embedding a micro ticker/timer that does polling to the application server. As soon as the client side gets a response, it redirects the client to the login screen.


Try showing the new form in the same microflow before the logout java call