Mx Forum running slow?

Is anyone else experiencing extreme slowness when accessing the forum? Or is it just me. Intermittently it is running OK, but then most of the time it seems to take over a minute to open a question, or refresh question list etc. Edit: Still seems to be happening. It seems to happen about every 11 or 12 minutes, and is locked for nearly 2 minutes. Do you have a scheduled event that might cause the locking? Edit 2: Seems to be getting worse, and makes the forum really frustrating to use. Why not turn off email notifications if they cause the issue. Or just write them to an email queue form and have a separate process actually send them out... or a second instance of the forum application that just processes any scheduled events... There must be some way of improving this
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We've investigated and solved the issue. As of the past 6 days the forum has seen an uptime of 100% and no slow page loads. We're terribly sorry that it took so long to solve this issue, but hope that everyone can now enjoy the again fast-loading forum :)

If anyone experiences any problems please don't hesitate to contact us (or post here). In addition to solving the issue, we've installed some monitoring tools that report the page responsiveness. This will help us detect similar issues more quickly in the future.