Debug information in custom widget fails

I am trying to build a custom widget but for some reason i receive no debug information what so ever. Even the console.logs in my postCreate are completely skipped. Yet the microflow that i call from my widget is called upon. I know this because the breakpoint triggers. I also am using the index-console.html home page so it should trigger my logger.debug messages but also those are skipped. I also do not receive any rendering errors. Edit: I quoted out part of my code but still i do not see any debug information while using the index-console.html postCreate : function(){ logger.debug( + " startUp "); this.actRendered(); }, applyContext : function(context, callback){ logger.debug( + ".applyContext"); /*if (context) { console.log("applyContext"); this.context = context; this.defPrinterName = this.getPrinterName(); this.defAttrs = this.getAttrs(); this.defList = new dojo.DeferredList([this.defPrinterName, this.defAttrs]); this.defList.addCallback(dojo.hitch(this, function(res) { console.log(res); this.refresh(context); })); } else logger.warn( + ".applyContext received empty context");*/ callback&&callback(); },
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