Aligning objects in dataview cells

When I select the cell under a normal text field and set the styling to text-align:right; it works, but when I do this with the cell underneath an entity object (e.g. FirstName) nothing happens. Not even when I do the text-align thing on the object itself. I can, however, use float:right; to make the whole cell move right, but this then screws up the background, because, well, the whole cell is moved to the right. TL;DR: does anybody know how to align entity objects in a dataview to the right without screwing up the cell-layout?
1 answers

You need to apply the text-align: right inside the input box that is in the widget. You can do this in your theme.

If its for read purposes only, you can as well use the rich text viewer, set 'plain text' to true and use text-align: right.