Template data grid editable

Hi, I have a DataView to represent a Group and I just show the name, then within the same data, I have a template grid where I show the users that are on each group but I want to have the possibility of editing them within the template grid. Is it possible? In addition, I would like to change the group and refresh the entire grid within the same form but I don't know how to do it. Could you give me an example how I can do any of both things? Or what I have to use? (a widget or something). Thanks!
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You cannot edit within a template grid. But you can take a look at the dataview list which can.

To refresh an entire grid you can use the addRefreshClass method from community commons, and call it with the fullname of the entity you are displaying in the grid.


I have another case when I just want to show an object related with the current user. I have implemented a template grid and I added a microflow trigger for each item that works correctly (opens a new window to modify the object). I want to represent this with a dataview list but when I open the form, I get the following error:

Error when loading url MyFirstModule/updatevdimetadata_2.mxf: Could not load class 'fvl.widget.FormViewList'. Did you spell the name correctly and use a full path, like 'dijit.form.Button'?

What is the reason of this?