Xpath constraint, how to select data from one week and older

I have a datagrid with a list of orders. I want to show the orders with the created date of one week and older. What functions does Xpath offer to achieve this constraint, the documentation does not help me to solve the problem. (the well known functions of addWeeks or addDays do not seem to work here)
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If I remember correctly, you can use complex xpath tokens for this, for example:

[mydateattribute < '[%CurrentDateTime%] - 3 * [%WeekLength%]']

Note the position of the quotes


You can do some simple math with the CurrentDateTime:

[LastOnline > '[%CurrentDateTime%] - 5 * [%MinuteLength%]']

The xpath auto-complete doesn't suggest the length options but they do work. HourLength, DayLength, WeekLength etc.

Just make sure you keep it all in the quotes.