My microflow (without commit) unfortunately create records in my database!

I have a form with a datasource microflow. The microflow has the following actions: Retrieve list from database Create (empty list) Find record with the highest number (iterator) Create object (temp) without commit/events Change object (temp) without commits/events (and ad the record with the highest number) And then show the data (in form) from that 'temp' record. In my database i see that there are (after testing) 500 more records then my startpoint. Without commit (in my flow) i have 500 more records. How can i solve this problem? I expected no extra data in my database!
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Roberto is correct, a create always results in a new record being inserted into the database. A change/commit action simply saves the changes made up until that point in the database.

If you want to "undo" a create you need to manually delete it, or use a 'rollback' activity.