Project database is incompatible with this version (but the version didnt change...)

Today, for the second time recently, I have come across the following error when trying to save some changes to a microflow in the modeler: The operation could not be performed, because the project database is incompatible with this version of the modeler. Please save your project to another location. The version I am working in is, on a multi-developer database. Of the following I am sure: 1) There is nobody working in the project database but me 2) There have been no changes to the database at all. The fact that the problem is solved after a restart shows this 3) After this error occurs, I cannot open, change, or save anything. The only way I can save my work now is to export microflows/forms, reboot the modeler, and import them again 4) There is no other way to solve this problem than to lose work (or export files) and restart the modeler. I cannot open the settings or anything else, because it will keep giving the error What is causing this? Were it not for the fact that I could export and re-import a microflow, I would have just lost some serious work. The only thing I can think of is that inbetween opening the modeler this morning, and the error just now, I have started and closed a Citrix connection. However, I do this more often and usually there are no problems.
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I've just checked the current source code (2.5.6) and each time you save (or perform another database-related operation) the database is checked for compatibility. So, if one operation fails the next time it may succeed because the connection has recovered. I could also reproduce this by faking a failing connection and then reinstating it.

There have been many multi-developer related improvements since and I would recommend upgrading for a more reliable experience.

PS: The error message is confusing: if the database version check fails it also reports this as a different version instead of reporting the failure to connect.


This error still persists. It just happened to me without having a Citrix open at all, neither before nor during use of the modeler.

I know the server that hosts out multi-developer models has been quite slow lately, and there might very well be connection problems. But connection between Mendix and the server is possible, as a simple restart solves this (albeit with loss of data...).

Mendix should not, after failing to establish the connection once, completely lock me out of the model until I throw away all changes and restart. Why does the modeler not attempt to reconnect? The speed with which the above error is produced after encountering it once suggests that it does not attempt anymore.