Show users related to userrole [SOLVED]

Hi, I want to show which users have which roles, but from a role point of view. On the left of the form the datagrid shows all roles. On the right, I like to see a datagrid with all related users. The datamodel does not allow me to, but is there some trick to achieve this?
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I think that is possible, try something like this.

  • Have a datagrid with UserRole on the left and a dataview with UserRole on the right in your screen.
  • In the dataview, set the listentarget to the UserRole grid
  • In the dataview, place a datagrid, and connect the entity where your users are (can be entity account)
  • in this datagrid make sure you have "apply entity access" set to true. Then it will only show users that have the userrole you selected in your screen on the left.