Java JDBC Driver

Hi There, I am fairly new to Java development. We have a third party MS SQL database that I need to query from our Mendix application, and then build entities from those results. So far I've been using the JDBC-ODBC driver to connect and get the results. But we've been running into some issues since deploying the application to our server. I would like to know what is the "Mendix JDBC driver of choice". Is there maybe a built-in function that I can use to connect and return results from another database and use the results in a Java action? Kind Regards Frikkie Chalmers
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The JDBC driver depends more on the db you are querying than on Mendix, since you are writing custom Java code anyway. There are numerous examples on the internet on how to access a MS SQL db from Java.

Did you take a look at the database replication module? It might already support MS SQL (not sure), and otherwise it should be easy to extend to MS SQL support.


I have the code and everything is running, but I was hoping to get some clarity as there are alot of mixed feelings on the Internet.

Is there a Mendix way?

As for the Database Replication Module, we are already using it (awesome tool btw), but I needed some more advanced functionality.

Thanks again.