Validation rule applies before commit

Hello together! I experienced a strange behaviour of a validation rule yesterday. This is my setup: Entity "Person" with string attribute "LastName". A validation rule on the entity says that "LastName" is a required field. According to the configuration, the validation rule is applied on commit. However, in one of my microflows the validation rule is applied before the object is committed. A change object action sets "LastName" with the value of another objects attribute (which might also be empty). Later on in my microflow I check whether "LastName" is empty and set it to a default value. Then I do a commit. Now I receive a validation error for the first change object action, if "LastName" is set to empty. How can that happen? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for any feedback!
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No, that is an error in the documentation apparently, validation rules are check on change, not on commit. If you want it to be done on commit, just create a bco event, that triggers a validation rule and returns false (or better, throw an exception)