Clear Check box selector

Hi I have two forms, Form1 and Form2. Form1 is where a user fills out a details form and the product they want. In Form1 there is a condition, if user selects "Product = shirt" a microflow trigger will apear asking to add the color of the shirt. The microflow trigger will open Form2. Form2 has a lot of check boxes where you can select the color of your shirt. So the user selects the color "blue" and saves it. The problem I am having is that when a new user also selects the color of their shirt, the check box still has the color "blue" selected from the previous user. My question is. * How can I clear the check boxes everytime the data is saved * And how can I display the color that is selected in Form2 and display it in Form1 textbox
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Are you not creating new instances of objects for different users? That's the only way a new user can see a color selected by a previous user.