Creating an image uploader: docu?

I have some questions about How To: Create a new object with associated image object 1) in Instruction 1 there is an association : is it possible that the 1 and * should be in the opposite direction? 2) When creating this association, shouldn't we consider checking "Delete image object as well" on delete of the object the image is uploaded for (in this case, the pizza type). An image should not be reused with another object (pizza type), and checking his keeps the db clean. 3) Instruction 3 says: "Select the 'Delete' button on the grid and remove it by pressing the 'Delete' button on your keyboard." I guess it should be: "Select the "New" button...
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Ad 1. The Image is outdated (as it is in most software documentation, software development is always faster. A new challenge for you, Mendix guys?). Select a 1:1 relationship.

Ad 2. Is correct when you don't reuse

Ad 3. You are right, the Mendix guys will correct this typo (I hope).