Error on New and Edit buttons in datagrid

I have a form with a datagrid where the New and Edit buttons refer to a form with a dataview. The datagrid and dataview are connected to the same metaobject. The modeller gives the following error: Form of 'New' button may only contain a single data view if the form location is set to (Modal)Popup. In the properties of the New button, 'Edit location' is set to Popup. Setting it to ModalPopup doesn't change anything. What am I missing?
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This is a common error. You have to make sure there's just a dataview in your new and edit form. You can set the popup title in the properties bar of the new and edit buttons, therefore a title in the popup form will be unnecessary. If you open the new and edit forms in content, you can use a title in the form.


This is because you already give the popup form a title on the New or Edit button itself. Seeing as you can have only 1 title on a popup form, the modeler warns you to remove the title.

This does let you use custom titles based on which button is pressed instead of which form you open. So a button New could have the title New Employee and the Edit button has Edit Employee while both still using the same form/dataview.


The form you link the new and edit button to probably has a Title or something. Make sure there is just a dataview and nothing else in the form.


The title was indeed the problem. Any reason there can't be a title in there?