Problem with Java action: String (importpad) to System.Filedocument

I have a problem with a java action. I have create an import routine (based on excel importer). At this moment i have a problem with a java action. I need this action to make sure that every day i have a new import based on a xls file (on a local pad). I want to do the following action: get a XLS file from my local pad: C:\Users\Jeroen\Documents\Output.xls (string) and transfer is to Systemfiledocument. The problem is that after the Java action my systemfiledocument = empty. So it seems there is something wrong with my java action or i have to fill in my pad in an other way. Anyone a clue?
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Something like this should create a (non-empty) FileDocument containing your XLS:

import system.proxies.FileDocument;
import com.mendix.core.Core;

final FileDocument fileDocument = FileDocument.create(this.getContext());
Core.storeFileDocumentContent(this.getContext(), fileDocument.getMendixObject(), 
     "Output.xls", new FileInputStream("C:/Users/Jeroen/Documents/Output.xls"));