Javaopts in .m2eerc > how to set them locally?

Hi everybody! A question: The java-programmers have added entries to the setting below (javaopts). They use it in some java-code (which works nicely). I understood that it works like the windows-system-environment variables... For a new setting that we'd like to use, it is important that I can also set / switch it locally (when I'm working in the Business Modeler). My question is how can I set them locally? Is that somewhere in my projectsettings? Or in Windows (using the environment variables)? the .m2eerc part I refer to javaopts: [ "-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8", "-XX:MaxPermSize=64M", "-Xmx256M", "-Xms256M", "" ] I saw 2 possible options in my local mendix-project-settings [1] The custom-tab of project settings [2] The server-tab (field "Extra JVM Parameters) Should I configure it there? Or somewhere else?
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You can indeed configure these options in the 'Extra JVM parameters' field in the Server tab of the Project Settings. It should be a single line containing all the options, e.g.

-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -XX:MaxPermSize=64M

The -Xmx option (maximum Java heap size) can be configured separately in the project settings by setting 'Java heap' to 'Custom' and using the 'Maximum size (in MB)' field.