Which flow will be followed on inheritance split with multiple inheriting?

I've a model where C derives form B and B from A. I use an inheritance split in my microflow with a input parameter of type A. I split on the given A instance, and get 3 output flows: B, C, empty. My question is now: what if the object is a C instance? Will the flow follow the B of the C flow? Because every C is also a B (C inherits from B). And the same questions about forms: when I connect three edit forms to A B and C (in a datagrid of type A) witch dataview will open when editing a C instance (because C derives from B..)?
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It will take the most specific defined. So if you split or B, and you will enter a C it will 'pass'. If your split for a B and you will enter a A it won't 'pass'.

In think it will take the C split in your example